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Do you have a smart tickting system?

March 21, 2019

How many times you have seen a typo on a help desk ticket? If your like us more times than you can count!

This is the worst. Not only does it distract from the problem but it ruins your reporting. Or worse now you have to go in and change the data for the user.

Why are you still having your users type in serial numbers & asset tags. When your Chromebooks already know the infomation and can report it back for you. By having your ticketing system fill in all data besides the actual problem you can ensure that your data is always 100% right. This also creates a great user experience. Can your current tickting system say that?

Google provides an amazing ecosystem with ChromeOS that we have leveraged to create the best help desk system for a one to one Chromebook school. We know that kids have to be able to create help desk tickets so they can have ownership of their device. We feel that we have perfected this with our Chrome extension and web app.

Login for free and take advantage of our Chromebook managament tools that will save you hours a day over using Google Admin console.

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