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Looking for 1:1 Chromebook Managment Software For Your School District?

April 09, 2019

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Our Story

AdminRemix was born during our founders time as a IT tech at a Texas school district. He found that they spent countless hours fighting the work order process and Google admin console daily. AdminRemix was born to save time in your 1:1 Chromebook deployment.

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The Problem

Most school districts who are 1:1 currently have two ways to put in Chromebook work orders for students. The first way is students have to ask teachers to do it for them or the second way a Google form. Both of these ways have a couple problems in asking teachers to put in work orders for students you probably have a couple pain points. The first being that work orders fall through the cracks and it’s just one more thing on the plate of our over worked teachers. The second being that possible the teacher putting in the work order has no idea what when or how the problem happened. This results in inaccurate info. Next up having students submit their own work orders through a google form or other help desk solution results in one big issue. Students still have to type asset tags and information into the ticket. This results in less than accurate data.

The Solution

AdminRemix looks to solve the problems above by deploying a Chromebook extension allowing students to submit their own work orders within three clicks and almost no data entry. We pull the Chromebook meta data on the device for the students and submit it in the work order. This results in 100% accurate data in your help desk tickets. Students are happy since they can solve their own problems with speed. Teachers are happy since they no longer are the gate keepers of the work order process, and IT Staff are happy since problems are solved in a more timely manner and with greater accuracy.

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  • Cloud Based

    Never worry about having to reboot a server again.

    Access data from anywhere day or night.

  • Google Sync

    Google data is synced in real time.

    Chrombook meta data editing in record time.

  • Chrome Extension

    Students can submit workorder in three clicks.

    Students no longer have to type in asset tags or serial numbers.

  • Data Analytics

    Track your spending trends over time.

    Know the lifetime cost on a Chromebook.

  • Save Time

    75% Faster than Google Admin Console.

    Workorder process built around k12.

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Free For Life Plan

We understand that new tools in edTech can have a high learning curve. Try out our free for life plan and see the value that we bring. We promise you the fastest way to search and edit your Chromebooks. Login using your Google account and see the value we bring.

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