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1:1 Chromebook Management Software Designed With Students In Mind

April 03, 2019

Most schools and school districts have forced inputing help desk tickets on to teachers but why is this?

Teachers already have a very full plate. As IT directors and IT staff we should be doing everything we can to enable the teachers and not saddle them with paperwork. At AdminRemix we think we have found a perfect balence in for this with our Chrome extension.

Our Chrome extension sovles multiple pain points in your 1:1 Chromebook deployment. First we take ticking away from the teachers and place the resonsbility on the students. This is great and in our testing students love the ability to solve their own problems. This is the secound pain point we have sovled, allowing students to self problem solve. Lastly we have enabled you as the IT staff to get repairs directly from the steak holder and have enabled a 21st century leaner.

Our goal here is to create tools that enable students to be succesfull and it starts with building the best way for them to self help Chromebook issues.

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